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How To Get A Freight Quote

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1:

Enter your contact details. We need to know the zip codes for the pickup location, as well as the destination location. This information allows us to determine the distance your freight needs to travel, and which carrier has the best rate in that “lane” or shipping route.

Step 2:

Next we need to know a bit more about these locations. A business with a dock usually pays less for shipping that a residential customer because it’s easier for the truck to load and unload shipments.

Step 3:

This step is by far the most important part of getting a freight quote. Exact weight, dimensions and freight class are crucial to obtaining an accurate quote. It’s important not to guess or underestimate weight and size. The carrier will measure your freight and if it’s over the quoted amount than you will be billed for any overages. Avoid the headache and overestimate if you don’t have the manufacturer’s specs for your item.

Step 4:

Next, we ask that you register for an account so we can communicate all the details for your shipment. Freight or non-parcel shipping is much more complicated than standard mail or parcel shipping, so it’s imperative that we’re able to confirm details of your shipment, as well as assist you with setting pickup and delivery appointments. Our goal is to serve you and handle everything from start to finish so you have just one point of contact.

Step 5:

We will use your registration information to give you a call or send you an email. Once we speak with you, we’ll be able to give you the best freight quote that meets your budget.

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