intermodal freight train

Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Benefits Breakdown

1. Intermodal transportation is 3 to 5x more fuel-efficient than moving freight solely with the use of trucks. Because trains can continue at the same speed without frequently stopping for red lights and stop signs, they are generally more effective at burning fuel.
2. Trains can move over 450 miles on a single gallon of fuel. In comparison, the average semi truck can merely travel less than 10 miles on one tank of diesel.
3. One intermodal train can carry the load of more than 280 semi trucks. For example, a truck can only carry one coil of steel due to road weight restrictions while a single train car can transport up to five coils of steel. Additionally, the average freight train has the ability to carry 50-60 cars depending on the load, seasons, etc.
4. Each bulk train can transport the loads of more than 500 trucks. A single semi truck holds up to 26 pallets of goods. That’s the equivalent of 13,000 pallets of merchandise.

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