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“Made In Rural America” Export Initiative

Within the next nine months, President Obama plans to roll out a seven-step investment, education and promotional strategy to help U.S. rural farmers and business owners to export more goods to foreign nations. Last year, these businesses generated more than $140 billion dollars and the White House plans to increase this amount in a push to boost the nation’s economy. If the plan succeeds, 1% of Americans could become less reliant on food stamps.

“Made in Rural America” will put a spotlight on U.S. exports and, in turn, provide an economical boost that will start in rural areas and spread throughout industries such as transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, energy and more.

Sustained by a comprehensive strategy that connects rural businesses with investors, the initiative includes the following specific commitments:

  • Host five forums throughout rural areas that provides rural business owners with access to resources and information.
  • Host an “Investing in Rural America” conference that connects investors with rural business owners.
  • Training for local USDA staff in all 50 contiguous states.
  • Counseling rural business owners on how to connect with foreign buyers.
  • Promote rural-goods at trade shows and events.
  • Educate leaders throughout the nation on the importance of rural exports.
  • Extend the BusinessUSA online platform to allow rural business owners to connect with export and investment resources.

On Friday, the White House released a fact sheet that outlines the full strategy.

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