Air Freight

Trust with the logistics of your air freight. Our international freight specialists will handle all the complex paperwork and take the hassle out of overseas shipping. We work with the best licensed freight forwarders and customs brokers to ensure your shipment reaches its final destination intact and at a great price.

Air freight transportation is perfect for smaller, dense packages. Because the cargo area of a plane is less than an ocean freighter or container ship, air freight shipments need to be more compact and extra protected against force from stacked weight. Although air freight can be more expensive than other modes of freight transportation, it is the fastest way to ship overseas to any foreign destination. Once your freight arrives at one of our partner’s air terminals, we can also complete transport to your home or business through a combination of trucking or rail.

If you need a competitive, discounted rate on air freight shipping, is your one-stop source. Contact an international freight specialist today to get advice on packaging guidelines and discounts on air freight shipping.

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