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Ship by Train or Rail specializes in the transportation of cargo via intermodal shipping. Intermodal freight shipping is an economical and environmentally friendly way to ship your freight. Freight is containerized during intermodal shipping and transferred using a combination of mediums including rail, truck and ocean transportation. Depending on the size of your freight and the distance it will be shipped, shipping by train and truck may be your most cost effective method.

Shipping using intermodal logistics also greatly reduces the emission of green house gases during transport. Railroad freight produces 70% less carbon dioxide emissions that the equivalent truckload journey. It’s almost like carpooling for freight! During intermodal shipping containers are transported without ever handling the cargo itself. This greatly reduces cargo handling, improves security and reduces the likelihood of damage or loss of your freight. Intermodal shipping also reduces transit times. By using a combination of truckload, train, and ocean, routes are shortened and delivery is quicker.

Trucking is commonly used to serve as a connection between the ocean and rail segments during international shipments. These specialized trucking services run between rail terminals, ocean ports and shipping docks.

If you’re planning to ship by railroad, truck, ocean freight, or a combination of these,’s expert freight logistics agents can help you find the best most economical means to ship your freight. ships to anywhere in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and beyond. Whether you’re shipping from New York to California or Canada to Florida, you can profit from the advantages of intermodal freight.

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Rail Freight Shipping Cargo Container
  • Cost effective transportation
  • Safe handling, limited room for error or damage
  • Environmentally friendly mode of transport
  • Reduces transit times
  • Transport large variety of commodities