Specialized Freight Services & Equipment

FreightShipping.com offers a variety of service options to residential and commercial shippers. Depending on the mode of transportation required to move the load, there is an added-value freight service to get the job done fast and efficiently.

White Glove

Need help with packaging your items? This add-on service gets it done.

Blanket Wrap

Perfect for furniture protection or other heavy items that can get scratched.

Time Critical

When your freight must be on time, choose this service.

Expedited/ Guaranteed

Need delivery by an exact date and time? Great for trade show shipping, this special service is all you need.

Oversize/ Overweight

Because of your freight’s size and weight, specialized heavy haul freight transportation with multiple axles could be required.

Dry Van

Use this type of transportation if your load has a high risk of breakage and fits inside a smaller vehicle.


Great for oversize items, a long and open truck can fit just about any length and height requirement.

Step Deck

Used for extremely heavy and oddly shaped hauls, this type of flatbed sits low to the ground and is air-ride equipped.

Double Drops – RGN Trailers (Removable Goose Necks)

These trailers have three components: two decks sit at different heights and a removable goose neck (RGN) can be used to tow disabled trucks and more.

Air Ride

Use this type of equipment if your load is highly breakable and large enough to consume the space of a full or partial truck.

Refrigerated/ Temperature Controlled

Is your shipment at risk of spoilage or unsafe at varying temperatures? Make sure to request this specialized equipment.

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